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Imagery and Science in Singing Pedagogy: a Debate Introduction and Literature Review


My latest article has been published in VSR (Voice and Speech Review). You can find it here

New courses at WMC the Camden College
September 2019

In addition to my usual singing classes, from September 2019 I'll be also teaching "Singing: Contemporary Commercial Music" and Songwriting.

Live @ the Tea House Theatre

139 Vauxhall Walk, London, SE11 5HL

8:30 pm

Voice Geek Conference 2019
27.04.2019 - 28.04.2019
Free Your Voice: Improvisation and the Singer

Join me for January's iSingmag webinar!

Tuesday the 29th at 7;00 pm

Five Tips to Better Vocal Improvisation.
Vocal Improvisation: How to Take your First Steps Into the Unknown
Live @ Ronnie's Bar

Antonio De Lillis (voice)

Renato D'Aiello (sax)

Matt Carter (piano)

Nicola Moresu (bass)

Alfonso Vitale (drums)

47 Frith Street, London W1D4HT, 8:00 pm

Why Improvising Can Make You a Better Singer
Use Vocal Improvisation to release the unshakeable performer buried in you!

Here's the article I wrote for The Naked Vocalist:

The Singing Strategy Symposium 2017

 As a researcher from Cardiff Metropolitan University, I will be presenting my work on vocal improvisation as part of the talks about "innovative solutions to issues in vocal teaching".


The Singing Strategy Symposium is an event for anyone interested in singing, choirs and vocal teaching, including leaders and teachers from music education hubs, schools, and private music organisations.


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